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Virtual Training/Nutritional Services

If you are looking to get a personalized Fitness plan to fit your goals, preferences, and schedule, I've got you covered!  I am Cycle Studio owner Liz Hays and have been teaching fitness and Personal Training for 10+ years.  In my time training, I have discovered time is often the biggest setback for my clients, which is why I offer Virtual training options and one-on-one or group training programs!  

Virtual Training Programs Include:

-Personalized Assessment

-Customized Strength/Fitness Program 

(Each program will be sent out with a workout and exact description or demonstration videos upon request)

-Nutritional Support (including macro guidelines, meal swaps, basic nutritional outlines)

-Unlimited Personal Support 

-Weekly Accountability Check-ins

-Coaching Calls(1-2 times/month as needed)

In person training programs include:

-Personalized Assessment

-Customized Strength/Fitness Program 

-One hour training sessions (one on one or small group training sessions)

-Nutritional Support

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